Testimony of Change
Kanamugire Evariste
PTS 2015 class

Report from the leaders of Evariste’s church

Joseph Muyombano asked Evariste’s leaders, “What beneficial changes have you seen in your pastor since he began studying in the Pastoral Training School of NCM?”

  1. Evariste led us with a heavy hand; he was a dictator!  But now he leads us as a team. He brings before us issues and ideas, we talk about them together and make decisions together.
  2. Though Evariste was a dicatator, he was a dicatator without direction! The church had no plan, no direction. We were just fulfilling the set program of the church services and meetings. But now we as a church have direction. He brought a way of joining us together to evaluate, think and pray about the direction, programs and actions of the church. We set them out as goals and plans for the year ahead.
  3. We did not really know what the church was, what it was supposed to be about, how it was supposed to work. Evariste has taught us that the church is the Body of Christ. It is no longer an aimless thing ruled over by Evariste. We all now have a role in the church. We know what we are doing and we’re doing it together.
  4. We did not know the Gospel of Salvation. We were full of all sorts of confusion about what salvation is and how one gets “saved”. Now we are fully grounded in the true Gospel of salvation through repentance and faith in Christ as Savior and Lord!

The report of Evariste himself

Joseph asked Evariste, “What have been the positive changes as a result of your studies in you yourself, your church and your home?”

  1. I myself came to know the Gospel through my studies at the PTS. In fact, I affirm that though I was a pastor before, I came to salvation in Christ during my studies at the PTS.
  2. As to the church, I agree with my leaders, I did not know how to lead a church. I didn’t know how it was to function or what it was to do. I, indeed, led with a heavy hand. I had no plan, program, direction for the church. As a result we had a lot of problems and friction in the church. I learned how to lead the church well, as the Body of Christ, at the PTS. I didn’t know how to teach or what to teach!  Now I have mountains of things to teach and I’ve begun a regular program of teaching, not just on Sunday mornings, in the church. This new emphasis on the true Gospel and teaching the Word was not accepted by all. We had a number of people leave the church, including some leaders. Many in the church in Rwanda don’t want sound teaching; they want hype and enthusiasm.
  3. As for the family, I operated under the idea that I was to do the work of the Lord; the home was to be taken care of by my wife. I had no practice of discipling my family. I cared not for the issues of the home. But now I know that I am to be the head of the home. My wife and I work together to make sure our family is provided for physically and spiritually. We now have regular family devotions. We now have a cow and its calf; we have improved our practice of farming – these, too, from the teaching on farming and animal husbandry we received in the PTS.