About Us

Krystal and Nick Pirolo are long-term missionaries with WorldVenture ministering in Rwanda.  Nick teaches and disciples at the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda (CLIR), a ministry of New Creation Ministries (NCM) in Rwanda.  Krystal serves as the Rwandan field leader, and works with Iranzi Clinic and at their prenatal outreach to the Nyabasindu neighborhood.  Together, they support the efforts of Gospel Community Church, a Rwandan led church plant.

Krystal is an RN with experience in Labor and Delivery, and Med/Surg nursing and a distinguished graduate of the University of British Colombia.  Nick is a trained teacher and ordained minister.

Nick graduated from Denver Seminary in December 2011 with an MDiv with an Intercultural Ministries emphasis, and Krystal graduated in May 2013 with an MA in Leadership with an Intercultural Ministries emphasis.

They have two daughters and a son. Grace is a creative eight year old.  Rayna is a joyful five year old.  Luke is an imaginative two year old.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hi Krystal and Nick. Please add us to your contact list! We had a wonderful visit last night over dinner with Shari, and along with Tim going to McKinley for dinner tonight.
    Your adventure is so exciting! Keep us in your loop.
    I had a great trip to Ireland and London in June with friend Ann, and Gerry loved his cycling trip in Italy in the Dolomites!
    Robbie says HI!!
    Love Susan and Gerry xooxox

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