About our ministry

We feel blessed that both of us are called and trained to serve in Rwanda.

Nick will work with New Creation Ministries.  Specifically, he plans to teach in the Pastoral Training School, teaching and discipling pastors.  Over the course of four years, we give these pastors a vocational education in pastoring and being community leaders.  We teach them how to study and apply the Bible to their lives, churches, and culture.  We structure the classes to be three-week intensives, four times each year, allowing the pastors to be with their churches and families for most of the year, applying what they have learned and teaching it to others.  This method also allows the teachers to have two classes (one graduates December of 2015, the next in 2017), and to visit the pastors in their churches.

In all we do at New Creation Ministries, we strive to help the church of Rwanda function as the body of Christ.

Krystal will work with Rwandan nurses and midwives to help train them in best practices, and to help both moms and babies have a better birthing experience.


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