Pictures of the Family

Some people like to see how the family is doing.

Krystal silly with Luke 2019.10

Krystal tickling Luke

Silly Faces 2019.11

Silly Faces and Silly Hat

Rayna Sleepover 4th 2019.11

Rayna’s 4th Birthday Party Sleepover.  Watching Balto.

Luke first day 2019.11

Luke feeling like a big kid with a backpack.

Rayna Silly 2019.11

Rayna being silly with her friends at school.

One thought on “Pictures of the Family

  1. Hi Nick and Krystal!Thanks for sending these adorable pictures!  What a beautiful family!  Love and miss you guys!!   This is the year that the kids and grandkids go to theOther side of the family for Thanksgiving, except for Al and Dawna.  Al’s parents are no longer with us.Forrest’s nephew, his wife, and her mother are coming up from Southern California to have Thanksgiving with us.  First time they will be here.  It’s a long story.  Sometime, I’ll explain.  But it’s wonderful that they are coming!  R. J. wants to meet the Paul family and hear some history about his grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins.  On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we’re meeting with everybody that can make it at the Olive Garden in Clackamas.  On Thursday, there will be 8 of us here.  Al, Dawna, Joel, Forrest, R.J. Ginger, her Mother, and I will be having Thanksgiving here.  Joel is doing all the cooking!!  I can’t do much with my broken foot.  I’m still in a cast and can’t walk on it.  Bummer😩.   You have a wonderful Thanksgiving!   Love and Blessings, Aunt Diana

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