Ministry Growth or Ministry Death

We are at a crossroads in Rwanda.  The government is seeking to crackdown on illegal churches and other non-profits that abuse their position to avoid taxes and take advantage of Rwandans.  The next step may have serious consequences for our ministry.

The government is writing a law that will require pastors to have education.  It says, “A religious teacher [at the national or district level] must have a bachelors degree in theology, or another bachelors degree plus a legal certificate in theology given by a legal school.”  Lower level pastors will still need some training, but not as strict.  There has been some pushback from church leaders asking for the law to be revised before being passed.

Our ministry is primarily discipleship, but our method is “schooling.”  We have a Pastoral Training School, and our university-level program (Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda).  In both, we provide top-notch education, but how the law is written can greatly impact us.

Depending on how this law is written:

  • We could see tremendous enrollment in both programs as pastors seek to meet the education requirement.
  • We could see enrollment dry up, if we do not meet the standards decided by the government.
  • We could see our program diluted, if we have to significantly adapt our programs to the new law.
  • We could see our program suffer, if we have an influx of people who simply want the piece of paper (certificate of completion). Our time will be spent grading excess papers instead of mentoring the true disciples.

Pray with us that God would use this legislation as a blessing to his church in Rwanda.  Pray that he would continue to use New Creation Ministries as we help the church of Rwanda function as a the Body of Christ. As we prepare for a new enrollment at CLIR in January, pray with us that God would bring the right people for us to invest in.


We are entering a busy time for teaching between mid-August and mid-March.  Nick is prepping to teachOld Testament Theologystarting in August.  The Old Testament is often misunderstood and usually misapplied to the church in Rwanda.  Pray for Nick as he helps the students wrestle with what the Old Testament actually teaches the church.

Pray also for Krystal, who will teach Self-Leadershipbeginning in October.  She has a Masters in Leadership from Denver Seminary, and lots of experience leading in a secular environment.  This course focuses on being a person of integrity as you lead, and Krystal will get to teach some of the most powerful lessons she has learned as a leader.


Luke is 4.5 months old now and has started playing with his feet.  He loves laughing with his mommy and talking to his sisters.  Rayna is 2.5 years old, and she has taken to copying EVERYTHING Grace does, for better or worse.  She is a great hugger, and has lots of desire to talk, but struggles with a limited vocabulary.  Grace just turned 6 and is stretching her wings for independence.  She is learning to read, loves having chapter books read to her (Geronimo Stiltonand the Hardy Boys!), and enjoys being creative with all her craft supplies.

Krystal’s ankle has improved significantly by identifying some good diet changes.  Nick has good intentions of running twice a week.

I read recently “You have only 18 delicious summers with each child.”  On the other hand, our list of things to get done seems to increase daily. Pray that we would make each day count for eternity, balancing family and ministry needs.


We are so grateful for your continued sacrificial giving toward this work in Rwanda.  We notice each dollar, and we appreciate your vital part in this ministry.

Some people have experienced difficulty giving online.  Over the next few weeks, our sending organization, WorldVenture, will be rebuilding the online giving function.  If you already have automatic giving set up, that will continue.  However, we won’t be able to receive special gifts or new sign ups online until it is fully built.  If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, we can receive mailed checks.  We’ll keep you posted on when it’s back up.

Care Packages

If you ever wanted to send us a care package, this is the time!  We have two friends offering us space in their luggage!  Send us an email and we’ll get you the address for our friends.