Introducing Luke!


IMG_1604.JPGHere’s our boy! Krystal was able to have a water birth at Iranzi Clinic, where she volunteers. He came into the world a few weeks before his due date, but healthy. He eats, he sleeps, he pees and poops.

Since his birth, he has developed a cyst on his neck that seems painful. Trusted doctors here recommended hospitalization to drain the cyst and IV antibiotics. Yet, the risk of poor care at the hospital outweighs the upside benefit of a hospital. We’re hoping the have an plan by tonight. Meanwhile, pray with us for a quick healing, wise and capable medical professionals, and peace.

IMG_1383.JPGAlso pray for our girls as they discover their new roles as big sisters. They love their brother, but not having to share their mom.

Churches Being Closed

Many churches have been operating “illegally” and there has been a recent crack down. Of about 1450 churches in Kigali, over 700 have been closed for various reasons including not having a paved parking lot, insufficient toilet facilities, weak building structure (including tent churches) and not having at least a hectare of land. A few PTS students, and several of our staff have had their churches closed.


Our staff have processed this with our students extremely well. They can close the building, but they cannot close the congregation! You can’t gather in that one place, but you can still have small groups and Bible studies. The pastor is still the shepherd of his flock, even if he doesn’t preach on Sunday!

More closures and more laws are in the works. They are working on a law that may require theological education for any who want to call themselves a pastor and lead a church. It’s a mixed blessing, but NCM’s model of educating and discipling pastors and church leaders might soon fulfill a government mandate! Pray for us as we mentor these pastors and church leaders, as we work out new ways of serving the congregation.



Nick preached a sermon on Isaiah 5 at our church.  “God is a diligent farmer who prepares, provides for, protects, AND PRUNES his vine, his people, to Produce good fruit.” Originally scheduled for March 18, he switched to March 4 to be done before the baby came. Luke came Feb 28. Good thing he was mostly prepared!


On Feb 17, we had a ceremony to honor our graduating class from our Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda (CLIR)!

Also, keep praying for healing for Krystal’s ankle.  The Physical Therapist is hopeful in that there is strength in the muscle (power), but the connective tissue needs to rebuild (balance).  Pray for Krystal as she limits her activities to promote healing.

As always, thanks for your prayers.