He Who Began a Good Work

Although I don’t recommend breaking your leg…in Rwanda…on safari…the first time you have a family member visit…while you are 7 months pregnant, God has showed me his goodness in many ways. We have had the great support of community gather around us and lift us up. We have had our Rwandan friends come to the hospital with us to advocate for us and sit with us, we have had a nurse from our mission advocate for us with insurance, we have had friend bring countless meals, drop in for visits and offer to drive me places so that I don’t go crazy. We have had teammates drop everything to help us with our kiddos when we have had hospital visits, x-rays and meetings. We have had workers help keep a little 2 year old and 5 year old busy playing so that they don’t go crazy. We have a church that lifts me up every week in prayer. We have had specialists consult on my case from all over the world. And we have had a God who has supplied an abundance of grace and resilience in our family and especially for me during this time. This month has been one of the hardest I’ve experienced but I can see the way God has used his good work in me to make me thankful and joyful in the midst of the hard things, exhausting and scary things.


Some Numbers

  • 9          Days until Krystal’s cast comes off (she is counting it down to the hours!)
  • 34       Pastors attending our Pastoral Training School (PTS)
  • 3          Pastors at PTS who currently understand the Gospel (vs. works righteousness)


    Initial report from our PTS teachers is that this is a sharp and spiritually responsive group of pastors.  Pray that they are transformed by the gospel.

  • 2          Years the Pirolos have been in Rwanda
  • 7          Weeks until our baby boy is born



Eric Flaa receiving the burden of directorship from Tim Brubaker

We began our year with three major transitions. First, our colleague Dan Janzen took over leadership of the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda, the university program at New Creation Ministries. Next, Krystal took over leadership of our WorldVenture team in Rwanda. Finally, Eric Flaa, another colleague, was elected Director of NCM. All these positions are opening up because ONE person is stepping down: Tim Brubaker. He is scheduled for a transition to ministering in America. He and his family will be missed, and he is leaving big shoes to fill. Three of us, to make one of him. Pray for us as we use this time of transition of leadership to refine programs, develop staff, and double down on discipling students.


Giving … Your Time

This month, we want to highlight different way you can be involved in what God is doing in Rwanda. Many of you give financially. More of you pray. Perhaps, one or two of you want to come to Rwanda! We have positions open for short-term, mid-term, and long-term workers here.


Laura Pearce, NCM Project Manager, and Daniel Ledama, PTW Teacher 

Do you want to come work with us? Here’s a list of what where looking for:


The bulk of what we do is tied to discipling Rwandans at New Creation Ministries. More and more, we see the need for professionals from all walks of life to be involved in the process. If you are interested in learning more, click a link above, or shoot us an email. We pray that “the Lord of the harvest would send workers” to Rwanda.


Eric Flaa, NCM Director and Joseph Muyombano, PTS Director

Down Time

That’s a bit of a misnomer, since Nick is doing the legwork and driving of two parents, and it takes Krystal twice as long to get anything done. However, Krystal has had to take a break from her ministry at Iranzi and Nyabisindu to heal well. Thank God the cast comes off on February 8! Nick is between classes, and has class prep time for his classes on Old Testament Theology and Missions.

Prayer Request:

  • Continue to pray for the health of Krystal and Baby –both that Krystal’s ankle would continue to heal well and that pregnancy would continue to go well.
  • 20180104_142857

    Friends at Iranzi Clinic praying for Krystal, her leg, and the baby.

  • Pray for delivery of our baby here in Rwanda –for God’s perfect timing and that it would be uncomplicated
  • Pray for Nick as if takes on more responsibilities in our family and prepares for the next courses he will be teaching

We feel blessed to be in your prayers and to be involved in this good work to whichGod has called us to.