Pray for Healing

So, my mom came to visit, and treated us to a safari at Akagera Game Park. We saw the amazing sight of about 50 elephants playing in the lake and eating papyrus, an 8 foot crocodile out of the water and a leopard. And I broke my ankle.

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I wish I could say I was running from a lion or rescuing my child from a charging rhino, but no. I was walking back to the car from an outhouse.

So here I am, 29 weeks pregnant with a (probably) broken leg, on the first day of a three day visit to the game park. I’m in pain, but I also know that it’s a once in a lifetime chance to take my mom on her first safari in Africa. So what do we do? We finish the safari, of course!

I end up getting an x-ray and a cast, but the doctor says, “I would absolutely do surgery on this injury, but you’re pregnant, so we’ll just cast it.” Ummm, of course I want my baby to be safe, but I also want to heal right!

I got home with a half-plaster cast, and couldn’t climb the three stairs into my house. The cast weighed close to 30 pounds! I struggled with it for a few days and it lightened up a bit as it dried, but I continued to seek second opinions on the fracture and the best way forward.

I sent the x-ray to a second doctor here who said, “You absolutely need surgery.” But when he found out I am pregnant, he recommended a new cast.  This one is much more manageable in size, and along with crutches, I have been able to borrow a wheelchair from the clinic I work at, so I am a bit more mobile. With that said, Rwanda is by no means a wheelchair/ crutches friendly place!

I was able to get a third opinion from an orthopedic surgeon in the States. His belief is that the best course of treatment, pregnant or not, for this fracture is NOT surgery but being in a cast for 6 weeks.

As you can imagine, the thought of needing surgery while pregnant and living in the developing world was scary, and troubling, and filled with uncertainty. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a team, friends and even a husband and two little girls who have surrounded me with support, prayers and a helping hand.

You are part of my support team, and I need your help through prayer. Please pray specifically for:

  • Complete healing of my ankle
  • Pain level –because I am pregnant I am unable to take the pain medication that would normally be recommended for this type of break.
  • No complications –both with my pregnancy and with the fracture in general
  • Sanity –Currently I am non-weight bearing, and unable to drive. Also, Rwanda is not a place of convenient elevators and wheelchair accessible bathrooms or entry ways. Much of my time will be spent at home, and for an extravert like myself, this is a bit overwhelming.
  • Nick –Pray for Nick as he has to take on more responsibility with our girls and helping me while continuing his regular work.



PS. As we went through a crisis moment, thinking we would need medical evacuation, and needing prayer for wisdom for the doctors and ourselves, we realized that we were ill equipped to get our prayer need out to all our prayer partners and prayer chains, using only our phones. This is a process to work on for next time, so that we can let you know sooner so that you can lift us up sooner.

Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness.