T-minus < 5 weeks!

It is with great trepidation that I report that I am actively writing lesson plans! My first university level class as a teacher begins April 18. I’m teaching what is usually Theology 101: God, the Bible, and Revelation. Who is God and how does/has he communicated with us?

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While this class was taught before, it had 4 different teachers. I’ve playfully called it “The Cursed Class” because each time someone started teaching the class, they were unable to finish. (Except the last one, who taught the last four weeks.) Accordingly, there is a rough outline, but I’m creating a great deal from scratch. And I’m loving it!

I love doing the research, thinking deeply about these topics again, from the perspective of our students this time. I love the inspiration that leads to the perfect illustration or class project. It’s cool, but I’m afraid I’m going to run out of time. Your prayers for me are appreciated.

Pray also for the students at CLIR. They are in an intensive month of General Science (year 1) or Greek (year 3 students). We also have a teacher offering a Hebrew Elective this semester!


Thanks for your prayers for my preaching.  It went surprisingly well. My method was a bit cheating, but the right move for my current language ability and the next steps I need to take. I wrote my lesson in English, and had a bilingual pastor translate it. Then I read through his translation, underlining things he did that I didn’t understand. Next, we worked through the translation together to figure out why he said things certain ways, and to correct the two or three places that he either didn’t understand my English and translated inaccurate theology. Finally, I read through my manuscript in Kinyarwanda and discovered that I had created a 75 minute beast! I am not physically able to speak in Kinyarwanda for that long. Even practicing, my throat got sore.


So on March 5, I preached the first 45 minutes, and I will finish on March 19. (Pray for me again!) Of course, I read my manuscript, so I could focus on pronunciation, and because I’m still quite a beginner at this.

My American colleagues were impressed by what I was able to do, and excited for the beginning of this part of my ministry in Rwanda. My Rwandan friend said, “I understood what you said 100% … But I wonder if you understood yourself 100%.” I laughed, and agreed that I understood about 75%.


February/March has been a tough one for our family. Among us we had four amoebas, and little Rayna had to take harsh antibiotics while she had painful mouth ulcers from a completely different virus. Krystal didn’t hear me preach because she was home with Grace, who had thrown up twice that morning from another sickness.

The evidence of God’s grace, is that after all this, and even through it all, we are still doing well, feeling encouraged, and excited for our ministry.

New Team Members

Our team has two new members. Corey Trick has joined our team in a State-side support role, helping to promote NCM. He lives in Minnesota and is using his “extra time” to help us! Laura Pearce has finished her support-raising and will be arriving in Rwanda next Thursday to help coordinate special projects and administrative tasks. Pray for our team to function well together, with injection of new ideas and contribution of more hands.


I am amazed at how quickly they are growing up!

IMG_6470Rayna blows kisses and says “bye” to us. This late walker is a quick one and is out the door and down the driveway before we know she’s gone.

IMG_6544Grace is getting tall. She can reach the tap to wash her hands at all the sinks in the house without a step stool. She loves playing outside, swimming, playing with friends and doing art projects. It has been fun to host some of her Rwandan classmates at our house for play dates.

IMG_6394We are blessed that our daughters love each other so much and find many ways to play together despite the 3.5 year gap.

IMG_6436Krystal is staying busy with our girls, recovering from sickness, working at an outreach clinic in in the slums doing prenatal assessments and teaching and practicing Kinyarwanda.

Thanks for your continued support of this ministry.

Specific Prayer Requests

  • Nick’s preparation for his first course in CLIR (the university program at NCM)
  • Nick’s next preaching IN KINYARWANDA
  • Continued healing and protection from sickness
  • Kinyarwanda study
  • Krystal’s ministry with the mom’s in Nyabisindu