Amazing News & Hard News

On Friday morning, we received the glorious news that verbal and unexpected commitments have come through and that we have reached 100% of our financial support. We praise God for raising up this team of financial partners. Rejoice with us in this gracious provision!

Hard News

Later that day, we received a call from Krystal’s doctor telling us that Krystal cannot be cleared to fly before the baby is born.  After having a mild increase in her blood pressure, Krystal’s doctor ordered a few more tests. These tests came back positive indicating a diagnosis of preeclampsia. We discussed the diagnosis with our doctor Monday (8/31) and for a third time Krystal’s blood pressure was higher than normal for her, this time fairly significantly. This type of diagnosis definitely takes Krystal out of the “low-risk” category for pregnancy and will prevent us from flying to Rwanda in September, as planned.

You might imagine how this feels. First, a potentially dangerous diagnosis is never welcome, but praise God that, should this turn dangerous, we have excellent medical care available. Second, we are reeling from this change from full speed ahead on September 23 to slowing that train down, praying for a different kind of miracle, and waiting on God and our baby to show us when can go.

The natural question people will ask is when will you go?  It depends.  Krystal is due in early November.  If mom and baby are healthy, and baby is delivered at term, we might be cleared to go in a week or a month, and have the biggest delay be baby’s passport (Christmas in Kigali?).  If baby is born prematurely, she may have lung issues, and we will be delayed longer.

Our hearts ache to get to Rwanda, but God has delayed us for his good purpose, yet, we wait not knowing what this chapter holds. And we don’t know how long this chapter will be, yet we have confidence that the next chapter holds our departure to Rwanda.

Wanted: Prayers!

Before Friday, we thought the limiting factor was financial partners. Now we see that God is pressing us to rally the prayer warriors to intercede on our behalf.

First, again, to God be the glory for answering our prayers to become fully funded. This is a blessing in itself, and while the timing was ironic, it is a blessing to enter into this time of uncertainty without the added stress of support raising. Again, praise him that we did not arrive in Kigali with this potentially fatal condition!

Now, pray with us that God heals Krystal and that she is able to deliver our baby naturally and at term at our local hospital.


  • Pray for the health of mom and baby.
  • Pray for baby to stay put until at least October 20th (37 weeks)
  • During this time of modified bed-rest for Krystal, pray that we will know how to invest ourselves wisely.

Walk with Us

As our friends and family, as our partners in ministry, you are invited to walk with us.  Please tell us your stories; ask us questions; pass on encouragement.  Our hearts will be made lighter by your company.  And as always, let us know how we can pray for you.

Soli Deo Gloria


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