God’s Timing and Big News

We have some wonderful news to share: We are pregnant! We knew from the start that Grace would not be an only child, and she has confirmed it so many times by being such a social kid. We are excited to meet Baby Pirolo #2 around November 11. Scan 15Krystal and the baby are healthy. At seventeen weeks pregnant, Krystal’s main symptom is fatigue, especially difficult for a night nurse who never gets a normal night’s sleep. She is very pleased to be mostly over the morning sickness. We say this is God’s timing because we were hoping a pregnancy wouldn’t complicate our travel plans. Now we have several more areas to consider. Do we deliver in Rwanda or the US? Would it be easier to travel with a newborn and 3 year-old, or pregnant with a 3 year-old? When does Krystal quit her nursing job? When will the last bit of financial support come in to allow us to leave? Pray for wisdom!

Party Time! calendar.jpgIn this next phase of partnership development, we are asking people to host an “event” for us. Choose a time and place where you can invite a few friends over to hear about Rwanda. So far this month, we have two barbeques, one snack-time, and one dessert and cheese party, and about sixteen new families who will hear about the work in Rwanda. Pray with us for these events.  Pray with us for more hosts, more events, and more new partners so we can get to Rwanda this summer. Maybe you are the answer to that prayer.

Going Places On June 17, we travel to Portland, leave Grace with family, and fly to Denver for a whirlwind trip. Denver friends, if you haven’t heard our story about why us, why Rwanda, this might be your last chance for years. In early July, we go to Bend, Oregon for the Pirolo Family Reunion. Finally, we still have dear friends in California who haven’t heard our story. Depending on finances and work schedule, we may still get a chance to visit them before we leave for Rwanda.

Meanwhile in Rwanda IMG_2375Our Bachelor’s level program in Christian Leadership (CLIR) finished their first quarter. The students were motivated and returned for the next quarter of courses, May 25-June 17. They will study Christian Family Life, Introduction to the Old Testament, and Greek. IMG_2377In the Pastoral Training School (June 1-19), our fourth year students will study New Testament 4, Missions, and Counseling. I feel excited, knowing that I will be present for their graduation in December! Pray with us for these pastors and church leaders to be transformed by God as they study His word and how it informs the way we live and operate as the Body of Christ.