Learning to Pray

About one year ago, I began Experiencing God, a Bible study that trains Christians to become aware of what God is doing and to participate with him. While it was a 12-week study, it was cheesecake: too rich to eat in one sitting.

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was a writer, teacher and pastor in South Africa.

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was a writer, teacher and pastor in South Africa.

Moving forward, God has convicted me of my need to become a man of prayer. From various sources, I have been pointed to Andrew Murray, and I decided to begin with With Christ in the School of Prayer. Murray simply takes and studies everything Christ says about prayer, but through this study, I have been challenged every time I’ve read. One such time,

If no answer comes, we are not to sit down in the sloth that calls itself resignation and suppose that it is not God’s will to give an answer. No; there must be something in the prayer that is not as God would have it, childlike and believing; we must seek for grace to pray so that the answer may come. It is far easier to the flesh to submit without the answer than to yield itself to be searched and purified by the Spirit, until it has learnt to pray the prayer of faith.

Between Experiencing God and With Christ in the School of Prayer, I am learning how God invites us to participate with him through powerful and effective prayer.

With Christ in the School of Prayer is a $.99 download from Amazon, and I encourage you to read it with me.  Or get his complete works for just $2 more!

Trip to Iowa

We are going as a family on a Partnership Development trip to Iowa! Why? Because we love Iowans! More specifically, we have several friends in Iowa whom we love and enjoy, and these friends are helping us build our partnership network by letting us speak at their Bible studies and churches. We will be there for about two weeks (October 22 – November 4), but we want to pack that time with one-on-one meetings, too. Do you know someone in Iowa who might be interested in this ministry in Rwanda? Give them the opportunity to learn more! Let us know.   I’ll post the times and locations of our group meetings before we leave so you can join us physically or in prayer.

The Iowa State Fair is known for its deep fried anything and everything.

The Iowa State Fair is known for its deep fried anything and everything.

We are also planning to visit Seattle/Tacoma soon. Pray that doors open up for ministry there.

Pray for us

They call where we are “The Land In-Between.” We want to be in Rwanda, but we are here. We have begun saying goodbye to folks here, but we haven’t left yet. We want to move forward with life, but cannot because forward is Rwanda.

Speaking of Rwanda

Rwandans sorting coffee

Pray for the third year pastors these weeks as they learn about the Old Testament and raising children. We have a sharp and creative teacher named Mukakalisa Gaudiose who works with our pastor students to develop a ministry for children in their churches; she will teach the class on raising children. We see it clearly in America: our culture does not mirror the Bible when it comes to raising children. Every culture faces this same issue in light of God’s Word. Our goal as disciples is to become like Christ. Our goal as missionaries is to participate with God, to become tools in his hands as he forms these pastors into Christ-likeness. Thanks for all you are doing to help us get there.