God Makes the First Move

We have been using “time out” for Grace recently. Often it is for saying “no.” She sits in time out until she is ready to apologize. For a little girl, she can be very determined. I will say, “Are you ready to say, ‘Sorry, Daddy, for saying “no”’?” She will fume, and pout, and try to wiggle away, and try to joke her way out of time out. Even from an early age, she will do anything to avoid acknowledging guilt. Often, I will go to her, pick her up, and hold her with love, and ask again, “Can you say, ‘Sorry, Daddy, for saying, “No”’?” In the loving arms of her father, her pride breaks (“Sawe, Dada, taying no.”), and she is free.

20140722_102029I have become more and more convinced that God makes the first move. His kindness leads us to repentance. (Romans 2:4) How wonderful the love of God, who cuts through our pride by loving first. How can we but respond with repentance.

Praise and Prayer

Thank you to all who prayed for the service at Oak Bay Baptist Church. As I prepared the sermon, God convicted me to “love the lost with abandon.” I’m sure God convicted others, too. We shared our 5 minute version of our story, and we have been invited back to share more on Wednesday July 23. Pray that God would move people to become partners with us in ministry.

What a pleasure to preach God's word and to share about Rwanda.

What a pleasure to preach God’s word and to share about Rwanda.

In fact, we have four group presentations scheduled over the next four weeks. We still desire one-on-one appointments, too. Pray that phones would be answered and schedules opened for these “partnership development” meetings. He who parted the Red Sea before the Hebrews can also make space in people’s schedules.

Survey Results

Thank you to those who responded. For those who read the emails and blogs, the current method and content are for the most part fine. We’ll keep it up! Some of you asked questions.

“What is your timeline? When do you leave?”

This date has changed a bit since we moved to Port Townsend. We now plan to leave in June 2015. There are some key dates between now and then.

  • Pre-departure training—January 21-23, 2015: Littleton, CO
  • Renewal Conference—January 26-30, 2015: Denver, CO
  • Compass (Cross-cultural skills)—February 9-March 7 March 30-April 25, 2015: Monument, CO

We have been told to allow three months to let the lessons of Compass sink in.  All three are necessary before we depart, but we cannot attend pre-departure training or Compass unless we are officially 60% funded.

“Where are you financially?”

According to our records, we are close to 50% funded toward monthly expenses. That counts the people who have told us in person or on the phone that they will partner with us financially for so much monthly or annually. According to WorldVenture’s records, we are officially at 29%.

The discrepancy is understandable. We haven’t made a big deal about making it official, until now. If this is you, could you make it official? Go to www.worldventure.com/donate. Search for Pirolo. You can start donating today, or you can choose the “write a check” option to make a commitment, but delay giving until you are ready. If you have any questions email or call me: 303-564-7189.


We went to Kelowna, British Colombia for a vacation, and to meet with some friends. It was where Krystal went to school, where we first lived as a married couple, and where Krystal spent about a week every summer of her life. It was nostalgic, removed, and quite refreshing.

We visited a kangaroo farm in Kelowna BC.  Grace and Nick got to feed a joey!

We visited a kangaroo farm in Kelowna BC. Grace and Nick got to feed a joey!

We plan to make some more trips, specifically for partnership development, in the near future. We will be back in Colorado for our trainings, and to meet with more folks. We will also visit friends in the Seattle area and California. Again, pray that doors would open to us. We yearn to be in Rwanda.

Thank you, again for your prayers for us, and for Rwanda.


Nick and Krystal