We were spoiled in Colorado. The weather was often good enough to exercise outside, and when it wasn’t we had 24 Hour Fitness five minutes away. It feels good to have weather cooperate with us this month as Krystal and I restart our fitness goals.


I have always aspired to “dig deep wells” wherever I live, to invest in the people and things under my care. As much as we plan, we never know how long we will be anywhere, or when God will have us pass through this place again. We have taken it on ourselves to beautify our home and plant a garden. We hope that by practicing gardening here, we can better cultivate some type of garden in Rwanda.

Rwanda in Mourning

Krystal noticed that NPR had a whole week of interviews/news on Rwanda’s 20th anniversary of the Genocide. If you only listen to one: Finding Peace After Genocide (7 minutes), a Rwandan pastor talks about grace and forgiveness.

Grace Update

At 22 months, she is a firecracker! She says no when she means yes. She wants to wear big girl underwear, but doesn’t want to use the big girl potty. She is poking and (very lightly) hitting when she doesn’t get her way. She bites when she gets excited. She still loves to read, “see friends” at the “why-berry” and church, and gives puppy and kitty kisses. Her best friend is still her cousin Hayden, who helps her catch frogs in our back yard. And we still love her very much.

How to Help: Prayer

PrayingAt my request, a friend of mine told me how she prays. She doesn’t have a prayer list or journal, but seems to rely on the Spirit to guide her in prayer. Of course she has the prayer cards for the missionaries in her Bible, and says a quick prayer as she sees them, or a long one if she feels led. She has items around her house that remind her of specific friends or family members, often gifts from them. When she sees those items, she prays quickly, or at length if she feels led. Her time in the car is spent praying for immediate family.

God invites us to pray without ceasing, to continually commune with the almighty creator of the universe. He invites us to draw near to him. What a privilege to pray!

He asks that we bear each other’s burden, and to make our requests known to him. However you pray, remember us. Here are a few key prayer points:

  • Health
  • Good meetings with people who want to know more about our ministry
  • Spiritual growth (ask us about being in the land in-between)


Nick and Krystal Pirolo