Anticipation and Surprise

Ruth Pirolo enjoying her family.

Ruth Pirolo enjoying her family.

Would you rather have a surprise party or know about the party and wait in anticipation?  We celebrated my (Nick’s) mom’s 70th birthday this month.  We children started planning to get together.  Then, we decided to make it a surprise for my mom.  Eventually, she found out that we were taking her out to eat, but was shocked to see 25 people gathered to celebrate her.

This seemed to be a great balance: she could anticipate the party, without worrying about a big party.  Plus she gets the surprise of a room full of people come to honor her.

Italian Wedding Cake and close friends for Shari's birthday.

Italian Wedding Cake and close friends for Shari’s birthday.

For my mother-in-law’s birthday, we let her invite the friends, but the surprise was the menu: a really good cut of meat and her favorite dessert homemade from scratch topped with a candle for every year she has been alive.  She thanked us for the best birthday party she ever had.  We had good balance of anticipation and surprise.

As we anticipate, moving to Rwanda in February of 2015, we are filled with joy and longing, fear and loss.  We also anticipate surprises.  We remember the verse, “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” (Matthew 7:11)

I (Nick) have shared with many of you about my anxiety regarding phone calls.  Yet God has surprised us with great meetings resulting from these calls.  He is good, and we see that when we trust him.

Prayers Answered

NO: Rain in Rwanda

It did rain on the building project in Rwanda.  The work started at 3AM.  The rain started at 10AM and continued long past 6:30PM when the work was done.  It was wet and muddy work, but the work was finished with a minimal impact on the integrity of the cement.  Making concrete in Rwanda  This video may not show up if you are not logged into Facebook.

YES: A Bumper Crop of Pastors

Last month, we asked you to pray for the pastors as they began study at New Creation Ministry’s Pastoral Training School.  We had a sharp group of 33 pastors arrive and learn about the True Gospel.  At the end of the class, through their written testimonies it was evident that at least 10 (and perhaps up to 20) entered into salvation for the first time during this class.  Praise God!

Ways to Partner: Host an Event

We promise our presentation to your friends will make more sense than Alice's tea party.

We promise our presentation to your friends will make more sense than Alice’s tea party.

Last month, we spoke about how people can partner with us by introducing us to their friends who might be interested in God’s work in Rwanda.  For people who have the gift of hospitality, you can let us share with a bunch of your friends at once by hosting a “tea” or “dessert.”  We can work together on the details to make our time together refreshing, encouraging, and fun.   Pray about it.  This might be the way God will use to bless Rwanda!


Nick and Krystal