Merry Christmas!

So many of us are extra busy this time of year as we spend extra time with family and shopping and extra money on the perfect presents and big ol’ dinners with comfort food and dessert.  We fill our lives up with good things we enjoy, and prepare ourselves for the year ahead.  My prayer for all of you, is that Christ will fill your hearts, that you will enjoy him this Christmas season and that you will live for him this coming year. Image

Not Going to Denver in January

We were considering attending WorldVenture’s Renewal Conference in January 19-24. It would have been good to go and be encouraged by other missionaries, to preach at possibly the Korean Church of North Denver (where I pastored youth 2010-12), to connect with our Denver friends and partners, and to meet with a few potential partners.  We decided, however, that we have a lot that can still be done in Washington.  We are planning on going to the RC together in 2015, anyway.  We are sad to miss seeing so many people we love both with WorldVenture and from Denver. 

Miracle in Rwanda

New Creation Ministries, where Nick will work in Rwanda, is building new classrooms to make our Bachelor program (CLIR) possible.  We got this prayer request:

Please pray for our building project.  Gary Bennett and his team are trying to get the foundation for the new CLIR building poured.  But we have been having heavy rains at least every other day.  It is rainy season, but these are rains of an inch or more in sometimes as little as 30 minutes.  The next day is spent cleaning out the foundation trenches and then waiting for it to dry out.  The next day another heavy rain comes and caves it in.

This is both expensive and delaying the project.  We will be hard-pressed in the best of conditions to get the project done by the time Gary Bennett goes for home assignment in July.

So pray for a let-up of the rain so we can get the foundation poured!

Many of us prayed and got this response:

The rain held off after our special “RAIN!” prayer request.  Footings are in so that when it does rain, though still making it hard to work, it is not so damaging.

Apparently, while it poured in other areas of the city, only a few drops fell on the NCM building project.  Praise God!  But keep praying that the project keeps on schedule.

If you would like to receive these urgent prayer requests directly, contact our friend Gary Scheer.

Family News

Krystal has finished her orientation and has begun taking patients on her own.  She’s had some great nights and some discouraging ones.  Pray that she continues to learn and that God would bless her patients through her.


Nick is caring for Grace and leading the Partnership Development process.  Pray for him that God would open doors for Partnership Development.  Pray that we would both enjoy Grace and parent her well.

Grace’s new favorite words are “ain-ear” (reindeer) and snow (which I just realized sounds a lot like NO, her favorite word last month).  We recently discovered that she is mildly allergic to her favorite breakfast food: eggs.  Since we stopped feeding her eggs, her persistent diaper rashes have abated.  Image

Physical Needs

When we meet with people, we ask them to pray about how God wants them to be involved.  We talk about support through Prayer, Finances, Referrals, and “Everything Else.”  In a recent meeting, our friend Dave encouraged to make our “everything else” needs known so that people can help us with those needs.

We appreciate your prayer, your financial partnership, and the referrals, so here are some of our “everything else” needs:

  • Locating, purchasing, laying gravel driveway
  • A good mechanic in Washington to give our cars their 100K and 50K check ups.
  • Help or use of a truck for old refrigerator disposal
  • A well running Toyota SUV or Extended Cab truck with serious cosmetic damage

In this vein, I want to share a miracle with you.  With the current spate of cold weather, I’ve noticed that I just don’t have warm outerwear.  I mentioned this to Krystal, but no one else.  Well, last Monday, I got a call from a friend who knows a bit about us and Rwanda.  At church on Sunday he noticed a hole in my sweater and wanted to give me one of his extras.  The crazy thing was my sweater didn’t actually have a hole in it!  God gave my friend eyes to see my need, and a heart to fulfill it.  We were both blessed!


Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21

Thank you all for your involvement in our ministry.  May God reveal himself to you uniquely this Christmas season.


Nick and Krystal