Exactly Where God Wants Us

Stock image of a newborn baby

Stock image of a newborn baby

God has given us several experiences that confirm the work he is doing in and through us while still in the US.  I (Krystal) love working in labor and delivery nursing, and I am learning lots.  In the last two months, I have assisted in about 20 vaginal births, 10 c-sections, and 5 urgent c-sections.  I even got to “catch a baby!”

While HIPAA laws prevent me from posting pictures and giving details, I can say that I asked the nurse orienting me, “Is it always this intense, or does God just want me to get a good orientation?” She said, “You are getting a very good orientation.”

Meanwhile, I (Nick) also had a validating experience.  In my last blog, I mentioned my current personal study using Experiencing God.  Using Romans 3:11 (“There is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God.) and John 6:44 (Jesus: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them.”), Blackaby concludes that if people express interest in God, God is drawing them.  God has shown you that he is at work, which is his invitation for you to join him in what he is doing.

We had a chance to share the story of our call to Rwanda with a friend and his family.  A few days later, that friend and his girlfriend asked me to read through the New Testament with them, to help them understand it better. Right now, my primary responsibility is my “full-time job” of partnership development, but God knew that I have a need to teach, to disciple, to point people toward Christ, and to build them up.  This opportunity is a gift from God to me!

I’ve often said, “God equipped you yesterday for your ministry today, and what you experience today trains you for tomorrow.”  Ministry doesn’t wait until we reach Rwanda, but is happening NOW!  And I’m sharpening skills that will help me in Rwanda.

A Few Links

I shared these on Facebook earlier this week, but I wanted to include them here, too.

This is a colleague, Dan Janzen, teaching his first class in Kinyarwanda.  He spent a year focused on learning the language, and then he got a chance to teach our fourth year students for three days, two hours each day!  He spent the better part of four months preparing his 60 page manuscript.  It is tough work, but good work.  This is what I have to look forward to.


This next link is a church service in Rwanda.  Unlike some countries that simply take western hymn, praises and songs and translate them, Rwanda seems to have quite a body of indigenously written Christian worship songs.



Grace was a Butterfly for Halloween.  Her favorite treat was popcorn from the Rose movie theater in down town Port Townsend

Grace was a butterfly for Halloween. Her favorite treat was popcorn from the Rose movie theater in down town Port Townsend

We are amazed at how much she is learning and how much she knows.  She understands so much and her vocabulary is growing daily.  She learned how to kick (“tk”) a ball today!  Her favorite book right now is The Story of David.  She says, “baa” when she sees the sheep, says, “bye” when David leaves his father, and even pretends to swing her slingshot at Goliath.  Best of all, she laughs (“ah, ah, ah”) when Goliath laughs at David.  She has also learned to say, “No,” and shakes her head no, even when she means yes.  Keep praying for us as parents.

Partnership Development in Washington

We love sharing our story with people, and enjoy reconnecting with our Washington friends.  Pray that we continue to make the most of our time here.


Nick and Krystal