Working Together with God

Check it out for personal or group reflection

Check it out for personal or group reflection

One of the ways I know God is speaking to me is when a particular idea gets continually repeated in various ways until I can’t ignore it anymore.  Last month, I spoke about how God brought many of you into our financial partnership team, and God confirmed to us that He is the Lord of the Harvest.  As I’ve been reading Celebration of Discipline and working through the Bible study “Experiencing God,” God has drummed into my head that He is at work in Rwanda and He is calling my family to participate in his work there.  Moreover, He is at work in America, drawing people to become involved in Rwanda; that is the important work God has for us right now.  The key learning for me is that God is inviting me to do this work with Him.  In what way is God inviting you to participate in what he is doing?

In Rwanda

The Second Year pastors are finishing one of their “quarters” learning about Counseling, Missions, English, and the Kingdom of God: God’s rule and reign right now.  Luke 17:21, “The Kingdom of God is in your midst.”  Most of them will go home in the next few days and teach what they have learned to their churches over the next nine weeks.  Pray for them as they take what they have learned and pass it on.  (2 Tim 2:2)

Computer rendering of the expanded classrooms.  These new rooms will facilitate our Bachelors level classes.

Computer rendering of the expanded classrooms. These new rooms will facilitate our Bachelors level classes.

New Creation Ministries is building new classrooms and a library in preparation for their Bachelor’s level program.  Pray for the building permits; pray for funding (half of the $400,000 has already come in); pray for timing (Gary Bennett, the “general contractor” for the project, returns to the US on home assignment next July; the goal is to finish before he leaves).

Meet the Team

God has formed quite the team to work together in Rwanda with New Creation Ministries and WorldVenture.  Over the next few months, I’m going to introduce you to some of them.  Our team leader is Gary Scheer.  He and his wife, Laurie, have served in Rwanda over 30 years.  If you have heard our story about how we ended up in Rwanda, Scheer is the guy who spoke in my class; and he and Laurie hosted us during our vision trip/practicum. (If you didn’t hear our story, ask me.)

Gary and Laurie Scheer

Gary and Laurie Scheer

Gary is one of the most inquisitive minds I’ve ever met.  He is always reading, frequently studying different topics from science to psychology to theology.  He introduced me to Clive Cussler novels, for when I just need mind candy.  In addition to teaching at the Pastoral Training School, he functions as the chief administrator for NCM and as the Rwanda Field Leader for WorldVenture.  He loves trail running, biking, and bird watching.

Laurie is his better half.  She is humorous, sarcastic, and hospitable.  She teaches the pastors English. She is a great cook and because of her yummy food we actually gained weight in Rwanda rather than losing it. In the 9 weeks we were there she was a mentor for Krystal.  She enjoys skyping with her children and grandchildren.

They are on their last term before retirement, so Krystal and I want to get to Rwanda ASAP to have more time with them.


Back here in America, Krystal is loving her job as a Labor and Delivery nurse.  She’s had a few emotionally draining days, but she is learning a lot and feels blessed to have this opportunity.  Pray for her as she gains this valuable experience.

I am also loving my job as a barista, but won’t for much longer.  After reflection, discussion, and prayer, we decided that it was time for me to quit Starbucks.  There were a couple of factors, but the biggest two were that Krystal’s health benefits begin October 1 and we needed to make time for us to work on partnership development.  It was an enjoyable and important 3 months at Sequim Starbucks and I’m glad I did it.  Pray for me that I would make the most of these 30 extra hours.


Our daughter just turned 15 months and is starting to grow up.  She is expressing her desire to see “Elmo,” probably the clearest word she says.  She wants to read books from the moment she wakes up to long after bed time.  She has thrown a tantrum or two when we stop reading to her and try to put her to sleep.  As always, pray that we would know how best to raise her in this time.

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Thank you for your partnership with us, for keeping informed and praying for us.  Please let us know how God is blessing you and how we can be praying for you.


Nick and Krystal and Grace Pirolo