Yahweh Yireh

Pastor Bryan Roberts enjoying a ferry ride to Seattle after our harrowing move.

Pastor Bryan Roberts enjoying a ferry ride to Seattle after our harrowing move.

God’s Provision is Great! In response to your profound and effective prayers for us, I can now tell you that God has answered our prayers in many ways.  You may have already heard in our “Quick News” email update on July 3 that our travels to Port Townsend were safe for all humans.  There is more!

Friends from Starbucks: Jeff and Dan

Friends from Starbucks: Jeff and Dan

In the past 6 weeks God has also provided us with jobs.  I was indeed able to transfer to the nearest Starbucks in Sequim, Washington, ensuring that we would continue to have health insurance.  I miss my friends from Aspen Grove and Belleview and Prince Starbucks, but I am making friends and connecting here.  Since being hired, three customers have called my manager to complement my service.  Many of you know that I work at Starbucks to make real connections with people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.  These complements indicate to me that this work of making real connections with people is not in vain.  God is blessing me in this season. Krystal, also, was able to find work as a part time night labor and delivery nurse in a nearby hospital.  Because it is a newer area of nursing for her they are giving her 12 weeks of orientation, extra training we prayed she would receive even before she interviewed.  She has made friends at work and been a blessing to her patients even during her orientation. The drawbacks with these jobs are few, but significant.  For me, I commute 40 minutes each way.  Krystal commutes 50 minutes each way, and her orientation has her working full time hours during the day for the next three months.  All this cuts into the hours that we want to dedicate toward building relationships in Port Townsend and partnership development.  Pray that our time would be multiplied.

The rocks were painfully sharp and I forgot water shoes.

Grace enjoying the water at Cougar Campground on my family campout.

Refreshing Time with Family We have enjoyed extended time with my family camping in Cougar, WA in early June.  Then, in late June we a special visit with my Grandma Grace, and Aunt Diana and Uncle Forrest.  Krystal was able to spend some special time with her cousins in Seattle the day she arrived in Washington.  Also, we have thoroughly enjoyed spending regular time with Krystal’s Mom, sister Kendra, brother-in-law Danny, and niece Hayden.  We came back to spend time with family, and God is blessing this time.  (I’ve been able to write this because Danny and Kendra are watching Grace, today.)

Kirabo means approximately: gift or grace.

Our friend, Olive, from Uganda, gave Grace a beautiful doll who she helped us name “Kirabo.”

God Reveals His Grace through My Grace
God amazes me by continually revealing his character through my daughter.  This morning, Grace was playing with some q-tips, pulling them out of their container and trying to put them back.  (She’s 14 months and loves pulling things out and putting them in.)  Her manual dexterity is not quite there.  She had difficulty putting them back.  But she tried, first one way, then another, then another.  I realized that she had little expectation of excellence in this task.  She was having fun and learning, and was perhaps too young to be frustrated by her own incompetence.  And I, too, had no expectation for perfection on her behalf, and when playtime was over, I helped her pick up the remainder. As Krystal and I stress about Partnership Development and our own incompetence, God looks on us without judgment, but joy as we learn this skill.  God is our provision, and does not have unrealistic expectations of us.  He is our helper.

God’s Provision while We Rested
These last 8 weeks have been a break from Partnership Development as we discovered a new normal in Port Townsend.  While we rested, God did not stop working.  We were extremely blessed to have four families step in and support us financially. We are officially at 8% of our monthly support.  We also have a few families that are giving without committing or who have given verbal commitments but cannot yet start giving.  Both are fine, and we trust God’s provision for the 92%.  Before we leave, WorldVenture needs us to have monthly committed support at 100%.  If you would like to commit click this link:  Donate Now! 

For their vacation we were able to camp at Kalaloch, WA for two nights.  It rained, but we had loads of fun.

For their vacation we were able to camp at Kalaloch, WA for two nights. It rained, but we had loads of fun.

Guests We were blessed with guests from Wyoming: Pastor Brian (who helped us move) and Shauna Roberts, and Heyden and Peyton.  In their week of vacationing we went camping in Kalaloch, toured the upper bunkers in Port Townsend, and even went to Seattle Aquarium and Pike Place Market.

Silas and Grace have a last play date in Denver before we left.  This was her first first birthday party, and with her best friend.

Silas and Grace have a last play date in Denver before we left. This was her first first birthday party, and with her best friend.

Also our friends from Denver, Jason and Amy Mitchell and Silas took a mid-morning away from family to visit with us in Edmonds, WA.

Grace is a competent runner and loves to climb up stairs and bedside tables.  Unfortunately, she is oblivious to proper stair descent technique.  She still loves to dance to music, and has found a best friend in Port Townsend: her cousin Hayden.  She has learned “up peez,” and loves to wave and say “bye” when people leave.

One of the benefits of the retreat is time to bond with each other away from their children.

We visited this pastor two years ago in Rwanda. He and his wife are participating in the retreat this week.

Meanwhile in Rwanda
The pastors in their fourth year of training at New Creation Ministries and their wives are participating in a marriage retreat.  It is 8 days dedicated to building a foundation of Christian family living into this pastor family.  They will then model this lifestyle to their congregation.  Pray that they would learn to take joy in each other and work together to honor God in their marriages. We approach God with gratitude, but also an awareness of our utter dependence on him for his continual provision.  Pray also for Selah Ferguson, the girl mentioned in our last post.  So many miracles accompanied her, and she is mostly fine, but she is receiving delicate surgery in Texas on August 28 to address her hearing in her left ear and to “decompress” a facial nerve that will not recover naturally.  Read more about her here: Selah Ferguson. Thanks for your involvement in this ministry, Nick and Krystal