March-ing On

Ministry of Preparation

March was an interesting month for Partnership development.  We had several great appointments with friends from Sunday school and seminary.  On the other hand, we had two weeks without appointments: one for Krystal’s labor and delivery class, and one because God knew that Grace would get sick.  It is hard not to get discouraged in the weeks that nothing seems to be happening.  But this, too, is training for times of ministry in Rwanda.  Our call is to be faithful to where God has us today.

 ImageKrystal with Perinatal Nursing text

This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Krystal will receive more specialized training in maternal and newborn nursing.  Her report on pregnancy and labor issues in Rwanda will probably come in our next post.

The last week of March had two key events.  First, we met with Waterstone Community Church’s Mission Task Force on Tuesday (  We sent out a quick prayer update for that one because we didn’t know when this post would be done.  From what we have heard, Waterstone is generous with the missionaries it chooses to support, and they understandably expect a lot from their missionaries, too: connection with the church, reaching the lost, learning the host culture, spending more time with nationals than other missionaries, etc.  These are all good principles of effective missions, and behaviors we are eager to do.  We felt we presented the ministry clearly, and our prayer was that they would partner with us.  Thanks to all who prayed.  (They recently informed us that they are unable to make a long-term commitment, but have made a gift toward our outgoing expenses and expressed an interest in receiving updates to support us in prayer.)

The second event was speaking at Elodie Emig’s Bible study on Friday.  It was an extremely fun group of people from New Song Church (  I brought Grace, but Krystal was working at the hospital.  They ended my sharing time by praying for us, and encouraging us.  We are blessed to have a friend like Elodie to introduce us to her friends.  This is one way that God brings people to this ministry to Rwanda.

A third important event coming up has to do with Scum of the Earth Church (  I have been asked to preach this Sunday, April 7.  Along with my sermon on the Great Commission, we will give a teaser about our ministry, then after the evening service, we will have a dessert for people at Scum who want to hear more.  It is a privilege to preach at Scum, and to share this ministry with them.  By the way, you are all invited to hear me preach and to stay for the dessert.  Please come.  And pray for me as I finish my sermon preparations.  And pray as we present.  Truly, your prayers are invaluable!

News from Rwanda

Our co-worker, Tim, reports that the fourth year students in the Pastoral Training School of New Creation Ministries are fired up to share what they have learned.  A few have begun to teach other pastors in their denominations and in their regions of Rwanda.  Another has said, “After I’m finished at NCM, my dream is to go to Congo and begin a similar program for teaching and discipling pastors.”  Their zeal for sharing the Word of God is inspiring.


Thank you all for your prayers for us to parent Grace well.  As she grows up, she is becoming more and more fun.  We love seeing her smile when we come home from work, watching her play and learn.  At nine months old, she got her first tooth, she caught a cold, and we are trying to sleep train her.  She is doing much better, but please continue to pray for her.

We have a (tentative) date set for our return journey to Port Townsend, Washington: June 22-25.  We have anticipated that day for a long time, and it is now less than three months away.  We just have 100 people left to meet with in Denver before then.  Image

As we plan for our time in Washington, there are several important things we are praying about.  Where will we work for the 17 months before we leave for Rwanda?  How can we best use the time we have with family?  How can we be a blessing to our church there?  Who is God preparing there to be on our team?  Should we use this time to pursue specialized educational opportunities?

Lots going on.  We appreciate your interest in our lives and this ministry that we share.  Please continue to pray for God to work in us and through us as we prepare for Rwanda.  Pray that God connects us with the people he wants involved.  Also, please let us know how we can pray for you.