While January and February have been very busy, Krystal and I have been blessed over the last six weeks.  We have had over 30 meetings with friends, and told them the story of how God called us to be missionaries to Rwanda.

It has been a very confirming experience because, as we share, we remind ourselves of all the work that God has done preparing us, guiding us toward medical ministry and pastoral training and discipleship in Rwanda.  We come to believe more firmly that he has brought us safe thus far, and he will continue to go before us.  This is doubly affirmed when those hearing our story can also see God at work.  Thank you all for your encouragement.

Another blessing of meeting with people and sharing our story is that it becomes an opportunity to hear their stories. We have heard of God’s miraculous provision month after month, ministries bearing fruit, and jobs finally coming through.  We have also heard of illnesses, injuries, dreams on hold, impossible job situations, and family stress.  In this, God has opened our hearts in a new way to bear your burdens in prayer.  It is a joy and a privilege to pray for you.  We are encouraged to know that you are praying for us.


We’ve had several reunions with fellow WorldVenture missionaries in the last month.  First, we had dinner and presented to several of our fellow “appointees” during the Renewal Conference.  Then, our good friends from Rwanda, Gary and Laurie Scheer, came over for dinner.  Finally, quite a few friends were in town for PDX, partnership development training, so we hosted a get-together.

These were special times because many were part of our “appointee class.”  We went through much training together, and we will be learning the ropes in our respective countries at the same time. In our time of sharing, we heard some pretty significant things: God opening up ministry opportunities that confirmed their calling, struggles of culture shock followed by wisdom from God, and even confirmation that God is taking care of family they are leaving behind.  We continue to be impressed by the authenticity and openness of this group of missionaries.  We are strong as a body when we can share our joys and needs.


Two personal prayer points for this month:  First, Grace is beginning to express very clearly what she does and does not like.  Pray that we would raise her with wisdom, love, and respect.  Check out this video of Grace.  (I think it only works if you are Facebook friends with Krystal.  Friend us!)

Ultrasound in Gahini

Second, when we were in Rwanda, we realized that a key area of need is in the care of moms and babies during birth.  Through her employer, Krystal has an amazing opportunity to expand her knowledge of labor and delivery nursing.  This course runs seven work days, Monday February 25 through Tuesday March 5, from 7:30-4:15 in Wheatridge, Colorado (45 minutes from our house in traffic).  Needless to say, this will be a busy and difficult time for Krystal as she learns valuable knowledge that will help her ministry in Rwanda.

It will also be a hard time for Grace, as she won’t have mommy as much as she is used to.  I’m with Grace four of those days and a good friend will have her three.  Pray that we are able to keep Grace happy and healthy.

Thanks for your prayers for us in this unique time of ministry.

Next time, Krystal will share about pregnancy and labor issues in Rwanda.