We Are Appointed!

Appointed: (adj.) selected or designated to fill an office or a position

After a two hour interview on Monday, April 30, 2012, the World Venture appointment committee invited us to join with them in the work they do world wide to transform lives.  We are officially appointed with World Venture!

Now we anticipate what the next few years will look like.  We know that God wants us in Rwanda, but not quite yet.  Krystal has a few more classes to take to complete her Masters.  We are 35 weeks pregnant.  And we need to reconnect with our friends and families, to show some of the unpublished pictures from Rwanda, to tell some of the personal stories, and to share our vision for how God has prepared us for the opportunities in Rwanda.

After Shipwreck Falls at Elitch Gardens on Sunday May 20.

Meanwhile, God has us doing some pretty cool things in Denver.  Through the summer, I’m continuing my work with the Korean Church of North Denver.  Krystal is taking a summer course and will be on maternity leave with our new baby girl (due June 27)!  We have Krystal’s family visiting right around the time that Baby comes, and my mom right after.  In October, we plan to visit Port Townsend, WA to visit our home church and Krystal’s family, and in November, we’ll be with my family for Thanksgiving.

We appreciate your love and prayers in this time.