Quick Info about Our Trip

Dates: 11:57 PM, Monday, June 27 – 12:50 PM, Friday, August 26.

Ministries: Nick: teaching and observing at New Creation Ministries in Kigali, the capital.  Krystal: nursing and observing, mostly at Gahini Hospital.

Field supervisor in Rwanda: Gary Scheer

There are a two families new to the field this year missing from the picture, but these are our friends! Gary is the guy with the great smile on the far right.

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A Journey to Africa

Stories from Africa have long captivated the hearts and minds of Europeans and Americans.  We remember the stories of Teddy Roosevelt on safari, Dr. Livingston in missionary work, and, in more recent history, Nelson Mandela in his work of reconciliation.  Africa, a continent with such resources, yet still in such need.  This is the diary of our journey of discovery.  Our questions: What do we have to offer, that is both wanted and needed?  What will we receive that will change us forever?

Our time at Seminary has prepared us for ministry, both at home and abroad.  Krystal continues to work as a nurse at Littleton Hospital, where she takes a leadership role as a relief charge nurse and as co-chair of the practice council.  Nick works as the youth pastor at the Korean Church of North Denver.  God has given us grace in the eyes of our employers.  We will still have jobs when we return!  And as we return we will each ask, how does the person I have become approach ministry in the US differently now that I have ministered in Rwanda?

Denver hobbies include snowboarding

Most of you found your way here because I posted it on our Facebook accounts, or because I sent you an email.  For the benefit of some, we may post letters or emails that are “old news” to others, but keep your eyes open for new stories, pictures, and links.

[Obviously, this picture isn’t Africa.  While at Seminary, we have found a few occasions to get away: half a day at Loveland Ski Area to snowboard, a trip back to WA (our home state).]

We are T-minus 18 days!  Getting excited, getting all the last minute things together.

Thanks for your prayers,  Nick (and Krystal)